Research Proposal. The theme is about disasters.

Research Proposal. The theme is about disasters. Use the attached doc with the comments and use them to develop a better research question and to follow the instructions below. There is a doc with subtitles from videos of what is expected. If you have any questions, message me immediately.

This is a detailed narrative description of your project.  In a narrative form (i.e., full sentences in coherent paragraphs) your proposal should address the following:

  • your research question: what is the problem or puzzle you’re trying to solve?
  • your proposed method for answering it (e.g. what kinds of primary sources you’re using and how you’re approaching reading them, any relevant theoretical models, etc.)
  • the relationship of your argument to the existing historiography (e.g., is there an unanswered question in the literature your research addresses?  are you building on a particular scholar’s approach?)
  • the broader significance of your argument and project ( i.e., an answer to the “so what?” question, why people should care about your research).  This should also present your thesis–i.e., the answer you’ve developed to your research question.
  • a description of the organization of your paper (e.g., main sections you would organize your paper into; principles of organization (e.g., chronologically, thematically, etc.)

You should approach this assignment as an opportunity to “think through” the project, but also to describe its importance to a broader audience. A scholarly grant proposal is a good model to follow.

Format: 5-6 pages, double-spaced. Use footnotes and Chicago citation (note-footnote) format. No works cited page.