researching a primate (living or extinct) or hominin (any excluding Homo sapiens) of your choice

Physical Anthropology Final Paper Requirements

This final paper will consist of you researching a primate (living or extinct) or hominin (any excluding Homo sapiens) of your choice. Within the paper the details regarding the species you choose from the guidelines listed below.

Basic Requirements

· Paper Page length: 4 pages (minimum)

· Format: standard margins (1 in all around); 12 point Times New Roman Font, Double Spaced

· Sources: must have a minimum of 3 sources

· MLA or Chicago format only

· 1 peer-reviewed source (textbook does not count)

· No Wikipedia, dictionary, encyclopedia, etc. type sources

· You may use the Smithsonian as a resource. If you should have other questions regarding resources, please feel free to reach out via e-mail.

Suggestions (varies depending on topic):

· Your presentation/paper should include the following:

· Where the species was found

· How it lived

· What it ate

· When it lived (timeline) if an ancient species

· Who first identified it as a species

· Why it was named and how

· Key features that distinguish the species on the skeletal aspect

· Detailed account regarding the species physical aspects (how did it walk, what was the body makeup)

· In addition, include information regarding where you best believe this species would live today based upon the information that you researched. (If extinct)

· If you choose a hominin who came before and after and what made it an important species.

· For any species make sure you are including the genus and species. For example Gorillas is Gorilla gorilla.


· You will be graded based upon grammar, punctuation, content and following the guidelines.

· While it is not important to have every suggested topic, what is more important is that you provide a paper that is informative to the audience regarding the species that you choose.

· Follow the grading matrix for specific details.