respond to a the sixrights of medication and b safety in medication adminstration post short refence citation seperaretly about 100 words each or more

(A) six rights of medication accountability. Even though all of the administration rights must be performed at the bedside, they also can be performed while collecting the medications. The med box will allow one to obtain the correct medication and dose before administering it, by only taking out what is needed and by asking how much was taken out, given, and wasted. While the nurse and the witness are verifying all of these through the med box, they are not only documenting here, but also what will be documented at bedside right after administration. When checking the order through the med box, the patient identification will pop up, as well as the time that the dose is due (Potter, Perry, & Stockert, 2017, p.626). All 6 rights of med

(B)Medication administration is essential in nursing practice because of its ability to promote safety in patient care. An evaluation of a case study regarding medication administration will enable the determination of the medication administration rights as well as additional measures that healthcare professionals can incorporate to improve medication errors. The medication administration rights that the measures to decrease medical error addresses include right time, route, dose, drug, and patient (Cloete, 2015). For instance, the solution addresses the medication administration rights such as right patient and dose using the electronic med box that shows healthcare professionals the amount of medication necessary per patient. Furthermore, the professional can only access the dosage that meets the patient’s requirements. The right route reduces medication errors through the adherence of the proper channels of retrieving medication such as the coordination between the licensed practice nurse and the BSN registered nurse (Cebeci, Karazeybek, Sucu, & Kahveci, 2015).