respond to the scenario

Please follow the instructions answer question #1 please respond with 250 words. thanks

Based on the information you learned from the Virtual Lab School Website:

1. How would you respond to the scenario below?

Remember: While personal experiences provide valuable insight, remember, your primary focus should be discussing what you have learned from the assigned readings. It must be clear that you have read the information from the virtual lab school training.


Edgar is in 4th grade and is much taller and heavier than most of his peers. However, because he has a tremendous sense of humor, he is very popular and well liked by most of his peers. One day during recess, during a game of dodge ball, Edgar trips on the ball and falls down. Steven, a 5th grader, yells, “Look at the beached whale on the playground!” and Steven and the other 5th graders with him laugh. Edgar turns red but picks himself up and starts to get ready to play again. Several of Edgar’s friends get angry and tell Steven and his friends to “shut up.” A shouting match ensues until a teacher comes over to break it up.