respond to two discussion posts about alcohol use

1) The ICD-10, DMS-IV and DSM-V are used for diagnostic of alcohol use disorders however, the DSM IV and DSM V focused on Alcohol disorders only. ICD-10 involves alcohol and different drug abuse disorders. The ICD-10 involves several categories of disorders caused by alcohol or other drug use. This encompasses the mental and behavioral disorders due to the use of alcohol, tobacco, opioids, stimulants including caffeine use just to name a few. Even though the ICD-10 may have a wide variety of drugs referenced, each behavior is focused on the specific drugs that is being abused. All these models have been categorized based on the frequency of the alcohol or drug use and how much control the substance or drugs has on the individual’s behavior.

Based on my experience with alcohol, I believe drinking alcohol in moderation and being able to control behavior after consumption is not consider abusing the substance. Based on the questionnaire on the DSM-IV and DSM-V the diagnosis is determined on how much it interferes with the individual’s life. How much alcohol is disrupting the activities of daily living of the individual and behavioral issues caused by the substance. I have seen friends and family that consume so much alcohol frequently however, I have not seen them have any withdrawal symptoms. In my opinion, I will say they have a drinking problem, but it has not affected their behavior. Base on the alcohol continuum, “you don’t have to be an alcoholic to have a drinking problem” However, looking at the chart on “drinking and behavior” some of my friends will fall into the “careless and heavy drinking” behaviors. However, none have been diagnosed with any drinking problem.


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2) Looking at the details of the Alcohol Use Continuum comparing it with the ICD 10 and DSM-IV diagnostic criteria in respect to myself, family, friends and classmate, one will see that there are so much to investigate.

To begin with the ICD-10 is a Classification of Mental and Behavioral Disorders: Clinical descriptions and diagnostic guidelines which has been put in place to describe how the use of alcohol is affecting the society. Whereas, DM-IV described two distinct disorders, alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence, with specific criteria for each. Alcohol is something that I take very serious as a person because after reading both articles I can clearly see the impact of alcohol and the extend to which it would have destroy me. The harmful nature it has far reaching consequence, when I look at the classification in terms of mental disorder behavior then I will say my mentality towards the consumption have greatly change as to the amount to consume. When I ever I am stress up, after consuming the first bottle, I always feels like is not enough then before I know it, I am in the 5 bottles of beer. I tried to use the classification and criteria I see myself in a danger zone which means it just a matter of chance else I would have been affected with some many behavioral disorders caused by alcohol.

Furthermore, I now see the reason behind certain behaviors of certain family members and friends that consume too much amount of alcohol on daily basis. What I am also concern about is the part that some can still be affected even when they don’t consume much. For the aspect of being on medication and still consuming alcohol that alone is very scary that I have even seen the result of some injury and problems of certain people caused by that factor alone. I have a family member that always have the courage to say certain things to people only after drinking which I now see how life is has been control by alcohol. I will say, many needs to see this chart and criteria and see what damages they have been causing to themselves. In addition, for me personally most of the unprotected sex I have had in my life before I ever got married has been greatly influence by alcohol. Alcohol abuse is something many really must take into consideration the effects it can bring. If something can cause you to lose your job, cannot drive by losing your privilege to drive, cannot pay your bills because you consume your money on alcohol why then drinking it.

The alcohol Use continuum is different from the DSM-IV and ICD-10 Professional diagnostic criteria in terms of the material present and language use. DSM-IV and alcohol Use Continuum are more simplified where a reader can clearly see the caused and impact and understands the concept clearly. Whereas ICD-10 is meant for professionals such as psychiatrist to be able to interpret to the patient or individuals.