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1. Guidance: An Introduction-I found the section on “A Life Skill Perspective” to be interesting. I learned how important it is to have positive guidance. As an educator practicing these skills will provide children with the best care and support. For example, “Remaining helpful and encouraging when mistakes occur” (, p.1). Also part of a teacher’s responsibility is developing positive relationships with both parents and students. Teachers can easily establish this by creating a welcoming environment, having respect, listening, rewarding children and being consistent.

2. Promoting Positive Behavior in School Age Children-For this section I found it interesting the variety of behaviors that can occur for the different school age groups. For example, tattling and cheating for children 5 to 8 years old and for children 8 to 12 years old, talking back and avoiding adults. I also learned more about how to appropriately guide children and prevent negative behaviors. Teachers should set boundaries, be consistent and provide children with positive and clear expectations. For example, instead of saying, “no yelling” you could say, “use an inside voice.”

3. The Environment-While reading this section, I found it interesting how routines and schedules affect children’s attitudes and behaviors. Routines and schedules are an important part of the environment. Schedules help children get prepared for what’s coming next. Parents can also provide a schedule at home to reduce conflict and make hectic times less stressful. For example, morning times before school or even night time before bed.

4. Guidance: Experience and Activities-I found the “five-finger formula to be interesting. The five-finger formula is a technique that helps children use parts of their hand to identify their problem. For example, cool down (thumb), identify the problem (pointer), brainstorm solutions (tall guy), go for it (ring), and follow-up (pinky). This strategy will provide children with opportunities to problem solve and work together. I also found it interesting how important it is to connect with families to prevent challenging behaviors.

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