response to adichie and thiong o

For this blog post I want you to put Adichie’s “A Danger of a Single Story” in conversation with Thiongo’s “Decolonising the Mind.” Your post should be 200-250 words and you should respond to one colleague in 25-50 words.

1) What do you think “Decolonising the Mind” means as a title? Reference (quote from the text) to help justify your explanation. A helpful moment in the text might be to consider early on when Thiongo discusses the shift to a colonial education: “The language of my education was no longer the language of my culture” (11).

2) What is Adichie’s suggestion to avoid the “Dangers of a Single Story” (be specific/quote)?

3) How do Adichie and Thiongo discuss literacy’s (literacies’) relationship(s) to power (personal, governmental, educational, etc)? Please be specific and reference examples (quote)

“A Danger of a Single Stroy”: