review the case study quot don t drink the water in flint michigan quot located in the attached document

Review the case study “Don’t Drink the Water in Flint, Michigan” located in the attached document. Write as synopsis (a brief overview) of the case. Please prepare your synopsis as if I (and your colleagues) do not have the whole case study. Your synopsis should be concise, complete, and fully describe the situation “as you see it.” The synopsis should not exceed 4-5 paragraphs.

Identify three (3) problems (Stop 1) and utilizing the material (Stop 2) we have covered in the course so far and make three (3) recommendations (Stop 3) to solve the problems. Each problem will require a justified recommended solution.

Support your recommended solutions with rational thought learned from the course material, other courses, online resources provided for this course, and real-life experience.


· Double spaced, 12 point. one inch margins

· Number of pages: 8

· Style: APA or MLA

· Please use the attached template to format the paper.