revisions the paper before final submission

Course Name: Organizational Management & Communication in Disasters

Week 10- Crisis Communication case analysis

Crisis Communication Case Analysis Paper

The attached paper about:

Identify and critique the relevant principles of risk and crisis communication programs. Critically analyze the crisis communication program and messaging issued by one of the following:

Governor Chris Christie- Superstorm Sandy

Assignment (revisions the paper before final submission)

Enclosed is your peer-reviewed paper with their suggestions and their assessment of your paper per the rubric.

You should take this into consideration as you make revisions to your paper before final submission for the score to me.

Nicely done as a draft. I was able to get some time to look over your paper. I see you cited one (1) source to use as the metric or measure of effectiveness. Part of this assignment is to demonstrate how you apply all the readings and exploration that were laid out for you. You mention quite a few attributes, but in this very brief paper, I think you can explore a bit wider and deeper. Try to apply aspects from Covello, Sandman, Mileti, CERC, the Hopkins course, Coppola, Walker to your analysis (why, how). Give some more examples of the timeliness, the empathy, the caring, credibility, pertinence, etc. and the message perceived if any, and how it could be improved with mapping.

I know you can excel.

-This Master level analysis should once again develop the specific detail answers to the Analysis guideline questions and meet the expectation of the Universal Intellectual Standards and good academic written communication.

– APA Style


Review this link of Vincent Covello

Review this video lecture from Peter Sandman, another risk communication expert in the field.

Walker– 13,14,15 and Coppola & Maloney Chp 3,4,5

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