rgmt week 3

Topic FolderWeek 3: Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

After reviewing all of your weekly readings and lessons content, reflect on the following and answer the questions below:

You are a manager of a retail store (a national chain). One day you overhear two of your supervisors arguing in the rear of the store (in front of numerous employees and customers). Their voices are raised and they are both gesturing wildly.

1. How would you handle the situation? Explain, assuming you are currently witnessing the exchange.

2. Explain why their behavior is inappropriate.

3. One of the supervisors says the conflict is “healthy.” Do you agree this is healthy conflict? Explain. Use Lucas text to support your answer.

4. What is an important reason for practicing good listening skills in a customer service environment?

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words. Please respond to at least 3 other students/instructor. Responses should be a minimum of 100 words and include direct questions.