Rio Salado Community College Clinical Research and Six Sigma Article Summary

Using the readings and activities from the module “Healthcare Law & Ethics” and supplemental information you find, respond to each of the question sets below. Your discussion should illustrate your understanding of the topic, based on the professional sources you consulted. Do not rely on your own current knowledge of the topic. Each question set will require at least a paragraph to sufficiently answer the question. Your entire initial response post (minus your references) should be between 300 and 600 words. Use course concepts and terminology in your answer, bolding those words.

Each of these three topics must be supported by a professional citation and reference. If one reference is used for the material for all three topics, one reference is sufficient. Please use US sources for the initial definition of voluntary euthanasia, as this is one area where terminology can be quite different from country to country.

1. In your own words, provide a definition of voluntary euthanasia based on the materials found in the text and or within this module, describing how it differs from assisted suicide. What is the physician’s ethical dilemma with voluntary euthanasia (use at least two of the ethical principles to describe the conflicting arguments that might be difficult for a physician to decide between)? Do you think a law should be created about this ethical issue? Why? Defend your answer.

2. What is defensive medicine? Do you think physicians do this? Research on the Internet and locate current information on this topic to share with your classmates.

3. What is workplace bullying? Have you witnessed this behavior in the workplace? Do you consider this behavior unethical? Defend your answer.