root cause of failure

  • Per the textbook, in order to understand the causal relationship in business process, manager often asks “whys” to drill down the root cause of failures. Select one (1) project from your working or educational environment and propose at least three (3) “why” questions that you would ask in order to identify root cause of problem. Justify your responses.
  • Please respond to peer post that follows: The 3″ Why’s for Identification of Root cause of failure. Most of the projects or businesses fail due to mismanagement of resources, poor management of time, poor design of the task to be done, failure of accuracy during budgeting, and insufficient skills of personnel (Jrade & Lessard, 2015). A good example is the case of the public sector, where the money is allocated to improve the living conditions of the people. In the road construction project, a lot of cash is assigned to the contractors. Later, the contractor hires project managers who misappropriate usage of funds (Faiq, Ibrahim A, & Mohammed, 2018). Management of such a project can be tedious and unsuccessful if correct measures are not taken such as critical chain project management.
  • Some of the main questions that can be asked to assess the root cause of a problem include the planning, designing, and execution of the project (Mahto & Kumar, 2008). These questions lead to the “whys,” the project failed implementation. In why the project planning management implementation failed, it can be argued that it is due to insufficient skills and experience of the assigned engineers in the job. Further, lack of accuracy when calculating material bills, and lack of precision when following the budget given can lead to project failure. Inaccuracy tends to increase the cost of construction.In why the project design was not actualized, one can find out that most of the time, the contractors assume surveying the area to minimize cost hence poor road design. Also, the managers’ design instruction at times constantly changes, hence the confusion in implementing the plan. Another reason can be that the designers were unskilful which lead to poor interpretation of the given design. Poor design increases the time frame of the project and poor results.In why the project execution failed, Yeo (2002) argues that mostly the engineers do not follow the conditions given. Additionally, the lack of enough personnel in the field as the contractors minimize cost can cause the failure of the project execution.