Rutgers University Culture in Healthcare Questions

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What is culture? Give some examples of aspects of culture that vary across different societies.

  • Why is it important to access the relationship between culture and health in specific societies by the extent to which cultural practices promote or discourage good physical and mental health?
  • Name three cultural practices that are health promoting. Name three cultural practices that are harmful to health.
  • How does culture relate to people’s perceptions of illness? Why would some cultures regard some illnesses as normal?
  • What might low-income people in traditional societies see as possible cause of illness?
  • What is the difference between illness and disease?
  • When an infant is ill in a traditional society in a low-income country, from whom and in what order are the parents likely to seek help?
  • Why would members of a community seek treatment for illness from traditional healers?
  • If you wanted to encourage the large-scale adoption of a healthy behavior, such as giving up cigarette smoking, what information would you want to know as you plan your effort?
  • Why are social assessments important? If they are done well, what gains would they produce that might not come if there were no such assessment?