sas problem 3

  • Please employ appropriate SAS procedures to produce descriptive statistics and p-values that would allow you to fill in the table below.
    • Use the Dataset EPI626_Assign6_F2019.
    • Descriptive statistics
      • For normally distributed continuous variables, present mean and standard deviation. For continuous variables that are not normally distributed, present median and IQR.
      • For categorical variables, present number (count) and proportion (%).
        • Hint: You may have to recode some of the categorical variables.
    • P-values
      • If comparing means from two groups, use T-test
      • If comparing means from three groups, use ANOVA.
      • If comparing distribution of non-normally distributed continuous variables, use non-parametric tests.
      • If comparing proportions from two or more groups, choose between Chi-Square or Fisher’s Exact test, depending on expected cell sizes.
    • Hint: you will have to recode age from a continuous variable into a categorical variable.
      • Fill in the number of observations in each age group at the top of the table.N = (???)
  • Please submit SAS code, log, and output.
    • SAS program should have the following components:
      • Checking distribution
      • Producing descriptive statistics
      • Producing p-values
  • Please fill out the table below and submit this word file.

Age Group

£ 25 Years

N = ()

>25 Years

N = ()


Gender, N (%)*



Left Handed, N (%)*



Height, Mean (SD)**

*% out of total in each age group

**SD refers to standard deviation