Saving Mr. Banks (2013) Guided Reflection

LDRS 300 Leadership as Service

Saving Mr. Banks (2013) Guided Reflection



As you watch the film, observe, reflect and answer the following questions as they relate to the events and characters of the film and the theories and practices of servant leadership we have learned so far.



DUE: JULY 2, 2020 by midnight

** Be sure to use the APA academic writing style for this paper. You can see a SAMPLE of the writing style that is required on your Course Resources and Dropboxes tab.



Characters: Who are the characters in the movie? Name them. Describe what they are like. What are their roles?















Character development: In what ways do some of the characters change over the course of the movie? Describe those changes.












Inciting Incidences: What key events happen that shape the characters, that challenges them or causes them to be in conflict or have to make a difficult decision?





















Servant Leadership: Where do you see servant leadership traits happening in the characters, in events that happen and/or their actions and behaviours?




















Forgiveness: Where do you see forgiveness or unforgiveness showing up in this movie? In the characters? How does forgiveness/ unforgiveness affect the characters and the people around them?




























What questions do you have about the film, the events and characters portrayed in the film?