scavenger hunt 10

Scavenger Hunt #2

Complete the following five activities. Each answer to the 5 question prompts should be in the form of a paragraph (at least one, but more are allowed), unless the question asks you to put your answer in a different format. Each question prompt requires at least one reference (more are allowed).

Your answers should be in APA format and you should include a properly formatted reference page. Students should use proper grammar and spelling. Up to 10% of your grade can be deducted if references are not in APA format and proper grammar/spelling is not used.

  • Search the internet for the ten most expensive outpatient and ten most expensive inpatient procedures. Create a chart that compares them. What factors can you recognize that make inpatient procedures different from outpatient procedures? Do you foresee more surgical procedures on this becoming outpatient? Is this good for the patient/consumer? Why or why not?
  • Peruse at least five different websites related to Patient-Centered Medical Homes. Describe what you would consider to be a perfect Patient-Centered Medical Home. What features are most important to you? Be sure to list the five websites you studied.
  • Search the internet and find an example of a real-life HMO, PPO, and POS plan. List at the advantages and disadvantages associated with each. If you had a choice, which type of managed care plan would you offer to your employees if you were an employer?
  • Imagine that you have a family member who is in need of long term care. Provide examples of formal and informal long-term care environments. Then provide a list of at least five advocacy websites that advocate for long term care. Provide a one sentence synopsis of each website.
  • List and describe five different types of vulnerable populations. Search the internet and find a legitimate advocacy site for each population you described. Provide at least a one sentence synopsis of each website that you find.