sci120 environmental science

Task 4

Task 4 Final Paper Introduction Section

In task 4, you will continue writing your end of term paper by reviewing your sources and writing a rough outline and draft, using some of most important sources you have found.


1. Using a Word Document, please start by completing your paper’s title page, including the assignment title, your name, class name, date, and instructor name.

2. Then, in 2 to 3 paragraphs, write what will be the introduction of your paper. In your introduction, ensure that you describe what field you have chosen to research. Please list a few facts that you have discovered regarding how environmental issues affect the field or specific job position and how the business or industry is already acting on environmental issues.

3. Lastly, please include your reference page by using the references you found and formatted from TASK 3 during week 3. Your references should be in APA format by now

This submission should be a minimum of 300 words total, not including the references.