sedentary lifestyles and cardiovascular disease among college students

The class is health communication class and the paper is all about building a campaign. The assignment is 4 pages along with 5 references peer reviewed articles .

Paper #2 addresses the following:

I have done the first paper which I will attach for you and this second paper is going to cover multiple factors below is the needed information that need to be done for the second part of the paper that you will write.

The first paper is addressing the health communication campaign which is sedentary lifestyle associated with cardiovascular disease among college students. I have mentioned multiple factors including Health behavior/issue and how it is specifically related to population, as well as population segmentation. Also, I have selected three strategies and methods to reach as much as possible of the target population. For example, Advertisement through social media and mass media since most of the target population are young adults who mostly use one or more form of social media. On the other hand, mass media can be distributed through signs on roads, or advertisement in public places. Moreover, the measurement should be addressed through SMART Stander.

Below are the instructions for paper two:

  1. Describe your selected population, health issue and the population affected by this issue;
  2. Summarize the programs you researched in this area;
  3. Explain the attributes that made those programs effective; and
  4. Develop a plan for the health communication campaign that seeks to create a change with regard to the issue and population you selected.

Select vehicles and channels:

  1. Identify how to meet communication objectives at the individual, network, organizational and/or societal levels.
  2. Use a combination of media, interpersonal communication and events in your health communication campaign.

Three factors influence the selection process:

  1. Reach
  2. Cost
  3. Communication objectives

Be sure your proposed need is substantiated by data and evidence (Paper #2):

  • Methods of establishing support for the campaign, including how to influence stakeholders; and
  • Explain how the attributes of the effective health programs you researched could be applied to your proposed health communication campaign.