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In lecture today, we defined stigma, and worked through a few examples. For this online assignment, I’d like you to apply the definition to some personal characteristic that you have (or had, at some point in your life) that has been stigmatized. (Since we discussed the stigma of being a community college student in class, choose some other characteristic.) Keep in mind that not all students who share this feature may feel the same way or have the same experiences. So please treat this seriously, and make sure that the characteristic you write about is personal to YOU and your experiences.

First, identify a group that you belong to that is stigmatized in some social context (i.e., is negatively viewed by others in society).

  • What are the characteristics that are stigmatized?
  • What are the social contexts (people, places, and times) in which you have experienced this stigma?
  • What negative statements, feelings, or attitudes have you experienced? Have these affected your thoughts, feelings, or behaviors in any way?

Then, apply the framework we went over in lecture today to this stigmatized characteristic.

  • concealability : can you hide the feature from others?
  • course : how permanent is the feature (can it change)?
  • disruption : does the feature interfere with social interaction?
  • aesthetics : does the feature go against conventions of style?
  • origin : is the person considered responsible for its cause?
  • peril : does the feature appear to place people in danger?

Please note that what you post will be visible to other students. If you wish to submit this privately to me, just bring a printed or handwritten copy to class. Also note that you will not be able to see other students’ responses until you submit your own. (This will help ensure that what you write comes from your own experiences, and also will give students a choice in whether they wish to see others’ stigmatizing experiences, which may lead to unwanted feelings of stress or sadness.)