selena movie

Given that the film Selena is such a personal cultural touchstone for many, especially the Latinx community, this will be an open film review for Selena. This means that there is no prompt, but I want you to think of your own relationship to the film and Selena the star. If this is your first time viewing the film, think about what you knew about Selena’s impact before your film viewing, and how the film lives up those expectations.


Each film review will be worth up to 25 points. View the grading rubric below to see how you can achieve your best grade.

An essay that receives 25 points includes the following:

  • Clear summary of the film; clear prose and appropriate word usage; integration of intersectional analysis; no grammatical or spelling errors; clear organization; makes connections to the topic and incorporates personal experiences/interpretations; uses examples from course readings, lectures, discussions and/or films.

Selena is available to rent for $3.99 through Vudu (Links to an external site.), YouTube, (Links to an external site.)or Amazon Prime (Links to an external site.)

For more rental options, see: (Links to an external site.)