self critique 2


A complete evaluation of your experiences in this course will help you to see your overall development in communication knowledge and abilities.


You will write afour-page letter that reflects your learning and growth during the course. This letter should cover every aspect of the course, from your initial speech anxiety to your demonstration speech. Discuss your growth as a speaker, examining major and minor speeches. You also may comment on things that worked particularly well for you, as well as things that you did not find helpful.

The critique must include reference to both textbooks, as well as to concepts discussed in class. The references will help to support your thoughts on how you did in your speeches. Discuss how you thought the speeches went after speaking, and for those speeches that were video recorded, discuss what you saw in the videos.

Lastly, how have your feelings about public speaking changed? Are you more or less confident? How do you see this course impacting you in the future, whether for professional or personal purposes?


  1. The Self-Critique of Speaking must be typed, 12 pt font, double spaced, 4 pages long, using APA style.
  1. The writing must examine your speaking experiences of the entire course, with references to the videos of your speeches.
  1. The paper must include quotations from the textbooks.