self evaluation 13

Practicum Project

Your final Practicum Project asks you to evaluate/assess yourself in your efficacy in the role of the nurse educator. Did you progress as you had hoped to? Are you excited about your achievements?

In your Practicum Project you will evaluate/assess yourself addressing the self-evaluation criteria below. You will create a 6–8-page paper according to APA format (excluding title page, references, and appendices) addressing all eight items.

Submit this assignment to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

Self-Evaluation Criteria

  1. Breed an environment of excitement for learning through motivation and leadership.
  1. Articulate clear expectations, goals, objectives/learning outcomes, and course requirements.
  1. Communicate effectively with learners as well as colleagues to meet learning outcomes.
  1. Facilitate learning experiences with teaching strategies that are appropriate for diverse learning preferences/learning needs and where learners are actively engaged in the learning process.
  1. Seek, inquire, and implement current evidence-based best practices and proven instructional strategies in learner settings.
  1. Adopt standards-based learner assessment and evaluation practices to measure students’ levels of achievement.
  1. Facilitate effective learning through timely and meaningful feedback.
  1. Create learning experiences where learner’s prior experience and knowledge are both acknowledged and built on.

I taught an LPN class with in the classroom and in the clinical setting. I taught in the hospital on Medical/Surgical floor, in Labor and Delivery, and in the Primary Health Clinics. I also taught Hypertension due to Obesity in the classroom. Oh and I also did a women’s health fair.