servant and authentic leadership

Please read (link) Chapter 7 pages 188-195 and also read (link) Chapter 9 (pages 241-247) of the Dugan text.

First, please review this two minute video about Servant Leadership.

Servant Leadership video

Servant Leadership – Video link

Then, answer one of the following two questions:

1 – What are servant leadership behaviors and what do they mean to followers? Drawing on your own leadership experiences, what needs to be considered when applying servant leadership to practice?


2 – Discuss authentic leadership. How it is different from other theories of leadership?

Be sure to begin your forum response with the selected question.

This part of the assignment is equal to 70% of your grade this week. You must also complete the second forum this week which is worth 30% of your total grade for the week.

Initial forum equals 40% (on time)

Responses equal 30% (on time)

Instructions: Your initial post for this forum should be a total of at least 250 words. Then, respond to at least two other students. Responses to others should be a minimum of 100 words and include direct questions.