service plan 3

please cite accordingly and use original work…..

You are the Assistant Manager for a large casino in Las Vegas. The General Manager asked you to create a service plan to respond to customer complaints about long wait times in the Food and Beverage (F&B) operations.

Create a 700- to 1,050-word service plan to address the long wait times and improve customer perceptions of the F&B department.

In your plan, include the following:

  • Define a service plan to respond to long wait times in the F&B department
  • Explain the principles of workforce planning and optimization in your service plan
  • Explain how improving customer perceptions might impact profit margins
  • Describe technology that can be used in your service plan to decrease wait times
  • Develop quality controls to monitor the effects of your service plan on improved customer satisfaction

for the 4th bullet (describe technology that can be used) I was thinkin about using something like a tablet or table kiosk type of mechanism (like Applebee’s or outback) where you can order drinks from the table, but also gives you a estimated run time of how long its going to take. For instance, it will pop up on the screen that your order has been receive and being filled, it will take xx amount of minutes for thr drinks… a tracker on dominoes pizza website? If you would like to go with something else just let me know, I figured the information for this would be easier to attain than something else.

Thank you!!!!