Share which PR model you believe it is an example of. 

lever public relations campaigns can create favorable impressions in creative ways, as well as influence society. In section 12.3 of chapter 12 in table 12.1 you will see Grunig and Hunt’s four Public Relations Models:

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Select one of the four models of Public Relations and then locate a piece of media (commercial, photos, news story, section of a website, press release, etc.) you believe is an example of this PR model. Write a journal of 2 or more full double-spaced pages with 1 inch margins, using paragraphs for each response, and 12 point font in which you in which you:

  1. Share a direct link to the media
  2. Share which PR model you believe it is an example of.
  3. Describe two ways the media is effective in being an example of the PR model you selected.
  4. Consider the PR models you selected and the piece of media, describe one or more ideas, behaviors, and/or values you believe the piece of media is attempting to communicate to its audience.