short writing assignment 14

Short Writing Assignment on Othello’s Iago

This assignment is designed to get you thinking about Iago’s psychology, both how he manipulates his victims and how he justifies his actions.

Part I.
Isolate one specific technique that Iago uses to manipulate his victims.

  • Define the technique in a sentence or two.
  • Give the technique a label.
  • Identify one passage in the play where Iago uses that technique (act, scene, line numbers).
  • In two or three sentences, explain how and why the technique works in your example

Part II.

Isolate two specific motives for Iago’s victimization of Othello and Desdemona.

  • Give each motive a label.
  • For each motive, identify one passage in the play where that motive is discussed or revealed (act, scene, line numbers).

Separate two documents when you finish.