Signature Assignment: Prepare a Training & Development Program (Part A)

Signature Assignment: Prepare a Training & Development Program (Part A)

Step 1: Select an organization to feature- AECOM

Step 2: Select a position in the organization- CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER

Step 3: Prepare a training and development program; Include the following in your paper:

· Needs Assessment

· Orientation Program

-Your paper will begin with a brief background of the organization, including its mission and vision.

-Your paper will proceed with the HR planning for effective orientation of the company. Then proceed with selecting the appropriate types of training for the select position (based on the assigned readings in the text).

– Conduct a Needs Assessment of the selected position. Begin by examining the specific short-term and long-term goals of the organization. Discuss your decision to allocate resources for a particular job by utilizing the concepts in the text. Describe the process of matching organizational objectives to the human resources needed to accomplish the organizational goals.

– Prepare an Orientation Plan for the select position utilizing the theories discussed in the text. Discuss appropriate and effective orientation plans and your decision-making process for selecting a particular orientation.


All work must be in APA 7th Edition

***All references must be (1) either from course textbook provided by PDF or (2) from North American sources. Websites are ok to use also (USA only please).


AECOM is a Fortune 500, American based, multinational engineering and construction firm that leads the world in mega projects and infrastructure design/improvements through the use of cutting-edge engineering and design. With AECOM’s relatively short history, which stems from its establishment in 1990, AECOM managed to quickly merge with other like-minded organizations which boosted themselves as an industry leader and as one the world’s leading construction firms. AECOM’s strength in innovation as an industry leader has solidified themselves as a viable contender for the #1 construction company in the world by becoming a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange while also dominating industry.

AECOM’s Mission, Vision and Core Values are to: Safeguard- Operate ethically and with integrity while prioritizing safety and security with everything they do; Collaborate- build diverse teams that connect expertise to create innovative solutions; Inspire- develop and celebrate our people, and elevate the communities we touch; Anticipate- understand the complexity of our clients’ challenges and help them see further; Deliver- grow our business through operational excellence and flawless execution; and to Dream- transcend the industry by reimagining what is possible – and realizing it (AECOM, 2020).

Construction Project Manager (CPM) is the position that will be examined in further detail. CPM’s are essential from the design and conceptual development of projects through to the closing/completion of the project. CPM’s manage and coordinate all phases from Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitor/Controlling and Closing phases (PMI, 2020). Additionally, CPM’s manage communication between engineers, designers and customers ensuring that all designed requirements meet the engineered design to the customers satisfaction. CPM’s also liaison between crew leaders/superintendents on managing scheduling and priorities of efforts. CPM’s are essential in coordinating and managing all required transmittals and submittals relating to the project. Lastly, CPM’s manage the project budget from cradle to grave ensuring the project scope creep does not wreck a budget while ensuring that a change control board/process in place for the customer, engineer, designer and any other stakeholder of interest in the project.

Project Managers are aligned by the experience in which they have in their industry. CPM’s can range from levels starting at Assistant all the way up to Senior PM’s. AECOM employs approximately 2.8k CPM’s at any given time (Zippia, 2020). It is imperative that CPM’s are staffed accordingly on large projects in order to effectively manage schedules, budgets, manpower, materials, sub-contractors etc. Additionally, AECOM released FY21 forecasts predicting a 12% increase in operating capacities which directly translates into the need to attract and retain talent (Investor.Aecom, 2020). For the reasons stated above, internal and external influences in attracting, training and retaining CPM’s is imperative to the success of AECOM’s operations. The forecast from O*Net’s website shows that Construction Project Managers are in need and have a bright outlook (O*Net, 2020). For these reasons coupled with projected industry growth estimates show that quality CPM’s with critical KSAO’s are highly


Needs Assessment


Short-term and Long-term and Goals



Employee Orientation Program


Reinforcement Theory


Goal Theory


Need Theory


Decision-Making Process for Selecting the best Theory




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