simple 4 page essay

The Social Contract

For this assignment, students will write a three- to five-page paper on the social contract. You need to identify the associated thinkers and how their ideas form the basis of liberalism.

Your paper must include:

  1. a section discussing the differences between political theory and philosophy,
  2. the definition and explanation of the social contract,
  3. related thinkers and their perspectives,
  4. a historical example (pre-1990),
  5. a modern example (year 2010 or newer), and
  6. a conclusion that includes your opinion on the relevance and importance of the social contract in the 21st century.

All references must be cited in APA format. Your paper must be three to five pages in length and in APA format. Use a minimum of three sources, one of which can include your textbook. One of the sources should also be from the CSU Online Library.