Skyline College ?Nutritional Challenges among Patients Paper

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A- Focused on nutritional problems, write three (3) nursing interventions for each of the following conditions (NIC):

Renal insufficiency

Crohn’s disease




B- Explain the different diets, their advantages and disadvantages

Vegetarian diet

Therapeutic diet

Zone Diet

Mediterranean diet

-Present an introduction that serves as a preamble to the content of what will be presented.

-Write coding according to NIC, Apply in your interventions the theory of Imogene King.

Example: (128001) Adjust the diet to the patient’s lifestyle and activity level, According to Imogene M. King: care / nursing, help the patient to maintain their proper nutritional health by achieving their role

– Make a brief conclusion that shows the benefits obtained as a nursing professional through this work .- = Present at least five references referring to the scientific background.