small group essay

In a 4-5 page essay, evaluate your experience within your small group here are some prompts to help you (and to review for the test)…..

A. Define small group communication and its relevance to your in class work.

B. Discuss how the communication principles effecting small groups are relevant to our work:

  1. Does your group have a sense of shared meaning?
  2. How is your group’s communication transactional/ circular? How is it changing your individual communication?
  3. What channels of communication is your group using?
  4. How are your messages packaged within your group?
  5. How does the content/ relational dimensions of your communication change perception?

C. Discuss the rules, expectations, individual roles and goals established in your group and how they were or were not followed.

D. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses in your group (including issues of trust, norms, cohesion, conflict management and group think).

E. Discuss your strengths AND weaknesses as a group member.

F. Discuss the problem solving strategies in your group.

G. Discuss the leadership in your group.

H. What were your individual goals? Group goals?

YouTube link for class notes cont’d:

Please use simple grammar as my first language is not English

No APA format is required for this assignment, just use the attached readings as well as the youtube link.

Summary of my group: My group consisted of five members including myself. There was one leader of the group and everyone else chose to follow her except for me and another member. The group member who was the leader, was very rude and aggressive and did not allow any of the other group members to work and do their work in an orderly fashion.

*This is just so you can get a feel of the group and it may help you with the essay*