soccer players in the men vs women and other economic data needed

Assignment Objective: Outline the differences in pay to the United States Women’s National Soccer Team (WNT) and the United States Men’s National Soccer Team (MNT). Data Source(s): Any reputable and authoritative data source. Note: much of the data for this assignment is widely available in the popular press

ï‚· Print out hard copies of your report (five to seven pages of narrative double spaced), plus exhibits (tables, graphs, charts). ï‚· Extra Credit Opportunity

. Assignment Requirements There are many factors that go into player pay. At a minimum, you must consider the following. 1. You must consider the competitive records of both the WNT and the MNT in international play.

2. You must also consider the revenue generated by each team in the form of: A. Game Attendance (in club play as well as international play) B. Television Rights (in both club play for women’s and men’s teams, as well as for WNT and MNT) C. Sponsorships and Merchandise Sales (foot ware, jerseys, clothing, etc.) D. Any other relevant revenue not outlined above. 3. You must make the “other side’s” argument in part of your report/presentation. In other words, if you/your group believe that the WNT is underpaid, you still have to explain (with data) why the WNT is properly paid/overpaid. If you/your group believe that the MNT is underpaid, you still have to explain (again with data) why the MNT is properly paid/overpaid. 4. You must apply economic theory to explain the difference in pay to members of the WNT and the MNT. You may consider other factors, but your conclusions must be based on the data. Note: You and your group are allowed to weight data any way you like, but your conclusions should be based on the data.