social justice and criminal justice

This paper must cover general social work practice with victims of violent crimes. A particular type of violent crime victim may be selected. What must be included in this paper:

– A clearly defined victim population of your choice

– The nature of the particular violent crime

-Ethical issues that may affect practice or that could impact practice with the population chosen, or value conflicts that a social worker may experience (i.e., values conflicts between professional and personal values, personal values and client values, or professional values and client values)

-Policy issues that may affect or influence practice with this population (you may assume practice in an agency of your choice if that helps)

-A section on assessment and evidence-based practice across all system levels (i.e., micro, mezzo, and macro)

-Issues related to diversity must be discussed, at a minimum, in the assessment and intervention sections; such issues are also appropriate throughout the paper as well.

*This paper must adhere to the guidelines published in the American Psychological Association most recent publication manual. It must contain three peer reviewed articles and two books as references (more are acceptable). The paper must be at lease 7 pages long and include cover sheet and references. If you use the words or ideas of another person; or if you use material from any source – whether a book, journal, magazine, newspaper, business publication, broadcast, speech, electronic media, or any other source– you MUST acknowledge that source. PLAGIARISM IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AND WILL RESULT IN A ZERO.