sociology reading log easy 1

Readings are Attached: Must Read:

Gubrium and Holstein:

1. Myerhoff “A Death in Due Time: Conviction, Order,and Continuity in Ritual Death”

2. Hasselkus “Death in Very Old Age: A Personal Journey of Caregiving”

3. Klapper, Moss, Moss, and Rubinstein “The Social Context ofGrief Among Adult Daughters Who Have Lost a Parent”

*3 Total Readings*

Requirement: 2 page double spaced maximum. Grading Rubric Attached. ASA format

The log should highlight and synthesize the main points of all 3 of the readings or present specific questions that you had about the readings, and it should discuss implications of the readings.

Note that these reading questions/reflections should NOT be a summary of the readings.The purpose is that you demonstrate you have done the reading and given thought to it;

*Follow these Questions/Directions:*

*What is the Center argument of each of the readings. What is it about?

*Achieve how these readings Relate to one another

*Show that you understand how they relate

*Make Connections between the 3 readings

*Analysis of the connection.

• They are not summaries; they only need to demonstrate that you read the material

• What questions for class discussion did it raise?

• What new terms and concepts were contained in the reading?

Opening paragraph : Thesis. What you think the readings are about. Quick summary.

Body paragraphs/Analysis: 1 paragraph for each reading. 5 total discussion/analysis paragraphs.

Conclusion paragraph: Explain how all 3 readings relate to one another. How are they related/connected?