south east asia discussion 2

200 word min. please see attachment for picture of pages in book needed for assignment.

In Southeast Asia today, what are the most pressing social issues shaped by historical legacies, such as colonialism, of the past, while also facing emerging challenges fueled by wider global processes. In your essay include pressing social issues such as; 1) the continued prevalence of HIV/AIDS tied to resurging opium production and use (see pages 441 and pages 416-417); 2) the network of drug and sex work industries, sex trafficking, particularly among young women; 3) and overurbanization resulting in weakened infrastructure (inadequate housing and water supplies, for example) and diminished employment opportunities. Now describe what efforts are being made by local governments to address each of these issues outlined above.

Assessment Rubric for Discussion Forum: mini-essays and responses will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Mini essays

  • Submit the required entries on time.
  • Engage with each aspect of the prompt in your mini essay
  • Demonstrate you have done the readings by providing examples and/or quotations from the readings
  • Did you cite sources of information?
  • Did your writing show thought and effort?
  • During (or at the end of) your discussion develop at least three well-conceived, well-articulated, and non-rhetorical questions pertaining to the readings. These questions can be broad in scope, meaning you may query a particular theme across the readings, or quite specific, you may have questions about a certain passage or argument in one text.