South University Strategies for Addressing Questions Essay

Strategies for Addressing Questions

In Module 1, you began building a foundation for your success by
considering a network-individuals and teams who can help you to clarify
and execute on the vision. A network is most helpful when you are
comfortable asking questions. Chances are other members of your network
have experienced similar questions and may have helped guide others
toward resolutions that can now be helpful.

In this Discussion, focus on the questions you are ready to ask as
your journey begins. Keep in mind that sharing questions is often a
great way to help others who have similar questions even if they do not
realize it!

To prepare:

  • Reflect on questions or concerns you might have as you begin the MSN program.
  • Consider the individuals, teams, and departments you previously
    considered in Module 1 as well as how they may provide support with
    addressing these questions and concerns.