Southwestern Attending the Chinese New Year Festival Reflection Paper

Diversity Exercise/Reflection Paper

Overall Guidelines; see Rubric for additional details

Attend a large (100 + people minimum) event in San Diego County that is significantly different from 

your own culture/ethnicity, preferably an event of a different language; a maximum of two (2) students 

may attend the same event together.  Immerse yourself in the activity – religious service, bar mitzvah, 

Greek church fair, Luna New Year, etc. – including eating of the food(s) specific to this culture.  To 

determine the appropriateness of an event, check with Prof Waddell.  To receive credit, one is to 


at least TWO hours of the event. 


4 – 6

paragraphs about the experience.  Be sure to include:

Paragraph 1:

 Where, when (time & date both of the entire event and your attendance), what primary 

culture/ethnicity, compare/contrast with Beatty, Chap. 11 (


 Beatty, Chap 10 Cultural Competence 

and/or Darby, Chapter 5 Cultural Competence are excellent additional resources); include a brief 

discussion of the activity, food(s) and estimate the number of attendees.

Paragraphs 2 & 3

: Your feelings about the experience (


a long narrative of the event!).  What did 

you learn about this culture that is significant to your career as a dental hygienist; what is this culture’s 

experience with healthcare and dentistry; does this community use cultural medicaments/traditions for 

healing, etc.?   Use vocabulary terms from Chapter 10 & at least one Cultural Model.

Paragraph 4

:  Was the event/people welcoming to you as an outsider or did you feel isolated?  How did 

your lack of experience/knowledge of the culture impact you?  What could have made it more 

comfortable for you, etc.?  How could you change this uncomfortable situation to one that makes you 

more comfortable?  What will you do when you encounter a dental patient who is obviously (or not so 

obviously) from a different culture/ethnicity than your own.  How could you make someone new to 

dentistry feel welcome?  

In order to successfully answer these questions, each student will need to engage in conversations with 

individuals of the other culture; be sure to choose an activity where you can have this type of 

interaction.  To initiate the conversation, one method is to introduce yourself, state that you are a 

student at SWC and explain that you are interested in learning more about his/her culture.  This typically 

provides an open, engaging conversation.  People are generally willing to converse with another 

individual or two; more than two is overwhelming and likely not a good opportunity to fulfill the needs 

of your paper.  

Appropriate writing for this paper will be 1


person singular, past tense.  Be sure to cite using APA 


my notes:I attended Chinese new year Festival in  San Diego January 26 at 12pm-3:00pm there were around 300 people attending from all over diversity 

The festival was two days from January 25-jan26/2020


NAME OF THE EVENT: Chinese New Year FestivalLOCATION: House of China, San Diego (Balboa Park) 668 Pan American Road, San Diego, CA 92101The festival was sponsored by San Diego State University on January 25 to January 26, 2020, from 11:30 am – 5:00 Pm. the festival lasted two days from January 25 to January 26 from 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM. The San Diego Chinese New Year Festival attracted around 300 to 500 guests from across San Diego. I attended the festival on Sunday, January 26, 2020, at 12:00 pm to 3:00 PM along with my fellow classmate Theresa. The Chines New Year Festival commemorated the traditional cultures of the Chinese people and offered a fusion of Asian food stations, unique vendor booths, non-stop live entertainment. This event also provided educational and cultural resources to the public, as well as promoting the preservation of ancient historical data, languages, attitudes, and values of the Chinese people including lion dances, concerts, and bands. The event entertained multiple food stations of Asians like dumplings, Jian Bing Crepes, Filipino food, and Americans.