special issues for women 1


While many issues in corrections affect both men and women, there are some policy issues that pertain exclusively or particularly to the incarceration of women. There are several differences between male and female institutions. There are also several differences in characteristics between male and female offenders. Subcultures differ as well. These distinctions translate into different challenges for corrections.

Special issues are faced by women in prison that are connected, in part, to these various distinctions. Special issues include sexual misconduct, education and vocation programs, medical services, and mothers and children.

View the Riverbend City: Prison media piece (attached). Focus on the tab River Valley State Women’s Prison.

You are advising the warden of the River Valley State Women’s Prison, planning for the upcoming fiscal year. You have been tasked with prioritizing how special issues for women should be addressed.

In your initial discussion post:

  • Lay out the two special issues you would prioritize for women in the facility, based on what you observed in the media.
  • Specify two programs you propose implementing to address the identified special issues.
  • Figure out what would be needed to implement the two programs in the facility.
  • Explore the possible implications of program implementation.