stakeholder presentation 3


For your next assignment, each of you will create a brief PowerPoint presentation which can be used for business meetings and conferences attended by our clients. Presentations should focus on a specific issue, company, or social media.

  • Stakeholder presentation for investors and others who have a stake in the success of a company’s business strategy for a particular device or social media platform.

You can develop your presentation based on research you have done for your strategy report and other team documents, but you are not limited by your strategy report company or team media. You will, if you wish, be able to turn your client presentation into a formal report.

I have attached:

– Presentation template

– Sample presentation

– Presentation Checklist

– Presentation assignment sheet

– And below a brief idea of what the presentation is supposed to have.

Type: Apple Stakeholders

Title: Apple beyond the iPhone. As iPhone sales decline, services will dictate the company’s future.

Summary: As innovation slows down and iPhone sales decline, at Apple, we will start to focus on improving the ecosystem to get attract customers by creating competitive subscription services. (This needs to be worked on because i’m repeating what the tittle says.

  1. Iphone’s Domination (how long, profit amount)…
  2. Why apple is shifting to services – Saturation, drop in sales
  3. New services ( compare profits, refer to the chart)
    1. iCloud
    2. Apple Music
    3. TV+
    4. News+
  4. Last slide – Opinion…..