statistical analysis for business creating 3 problems

My last name starts with a B. My Red ID is 822591309. My section # 22421. I sent you the link with the topics you choose. I will provide a link of everything and even samples of what my professor is looking for. These are the directions:

Please choose 3 topics under the letter of your last name and create 3 multiple choice questions.I will grade your best 2.Write a multiple choice question that pertains to the topic you chose, and list the correct answer first, and then 3 or 4 possible wrong answers.Show your solution for the correct answer, and then also explain how you went about choosing the wrong answer.Have good reasoning behind it, just don’t make up out of thin air.

Please include your name, section number and Red ID at the top of the page.For each multiple choice question you do, clearly label which topic it relates to and follow my examples.All work needs to be typed, no hand written cases.Any pen or pencil marks will be ignored when I grade it.It is due at the beginning of class.If it is turned it late during class you will lose 10%, and if you turn in at the end of class of the close of the day Monday it will be 20% off.Each day after will be an additional 10% deduction.Make sure you do a good job, if you like your grade on this project, then you can count this grade for your second case which will be assigned later in the month.