strategic management answer the following question

A). Each answer is worth 4 point each and should at least one paragraph of 200 words double spaced and

references provided.

1) Summarize the traditional resource -based and stakeholder perspective of strategic 


2)    What are some of the considerations motivating companies to go global?

3)    What is the difference between the strategic planning process and the strategic thinking?

4)    What are the important characteristics associated with strategic thinking? How can an 

organization encourage this sort of thinking?

5)    Who are the key players in the restaurant industry? Lodging industry? How did you arrive at the 


6)    Identify deliberate and emerging strategies for various hotel companies?

7)    Research McDonalds “Plan to Win initiative and provide an assessment of the plan.

8)    What are the key forces that influence strategies?

9)    What is an organization mission statement and what factors should it include?

10) Provide and example of a vision statement related to a fast food corporation.


B).Research and summarize an article pertaining to one of the following topics:

Mission and vision statements

Strategic thinking

Strategic planning 

The summary is worth 10 points and should be at least 400 words.