strategy analysis paper snap inc

Project Guidelines

This paper tends to be between 3500-4500 words. Please use the concepts in the book to support your analysis.

Company Name: Snap Inc.

Format for project

  1. Introduction
  2. External Analysis: Complete the industry and external environmental analysis. *Included: PESTL; Five Forces
  3. Internal Analysis: Conduct an internal analysis of the firm (e.g., key resources and capabilities relative to competitors; core competences; potential sources of competitive advantage; financial performance relative to peers over the last three years).
  4. Corporate Strategy: Analyze the company’s strategies (i.e., competitive strategy, corporate strategy, global strategy).•Generic Strategy
  5. Strategic Issues: Identify the strategic issues and challenges that are facing the company (i.e., should be evident from your analyses)
  6. Growth strategies: Identify growth strategies and optional steps this firm might consider. Maintaining status quo is certainly an option but would not be a strong recommendation (see next requirement).
  7. Strategic Recommendations: Develop a set of strategic recommendations with realistic projections for your company. These recommendations should be strategic in nature, rather than purely tactical. As part of these recommendations, you should provide a discussion of the key risks associated with these recommendations, as well as the key decision criteria you used in selecting these recommendations. Impact of recommendations (including different scenarios) and possible unintended consequences should be assessed.
  8. Implementation: Identify the time frame and associated key actions that will be required to successfully implement your recommendations.
  9. Exhibits: Make some charts (such as SWOT, financial analysis chart) in this section. Exhibits should be numbered and titled. Exhibits should be referred to in numerical order.