Strayer University Week 9 Impact of Digital Transformations in Healthcare Essay

Please answer the below week 9 & 10 discussion post. Please also reference the each week’s lecture notes to further answer the questions.

Week 9 Discussion Post

How is Digital Transformation Reshaping Healthcare Delivery?

Digital transformation is about changing Healthcare delivery. How do you see this happening? Share a concrete example. How can digital transformation improve the patient experience?

Week 10 Discussion Question

Link to week 10 video for discussion

Week 10 Discussion Post

Can Disruptive Innovation Work in Healthcare?

In his talk at the Mayo Clinic, Clayton Christensen’s applied the principles of Disruptive Innovation to a broken Healthcare system. He examined the challenges facing the Healthcare system and proposed a set of clear, innovative, and actionable solutions to both reduce the cost of Healthcare and lead to improved health outcomes for millions of people. Marling’s post provides a concrete example of Christensen’s ideas about Disruptive Innovation applied to business models.

Comment on whether Christensen’s point of view is viable. Why or why not? Provide one concrete example of a specific solution you can apply to your own Healthcare environment today?