study any organization in sultanate of oman 2500 words


required to study any organization in Sultanate Of OMAN Evaluate their organization based on the following topics:

1. Human Resource Practice (staffing, training etc.)
2. How do they manage their employees’ selection
3. Explain job analysis methods used in your organization
4. The implementation of group/teamwork task


Each member of the team (individual) must contribute to the group project.

Part a) Group Presentation (5%): each group will be given 30 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes will be for Q&A session

Part b) Report (15%)

Report Layout

1. Use Font Times New Roman (size 12), type in 1.5 spacing and justified text.
2. Word limit: 2500 words.
3. You are also required to submit the report to the Turn-it-in link which will be provided by the lecturer. Plagiarism is not acceptable. Disciplinary action may be taken against any group found guilty of plagiarism.
4. Students are required to submit one hardcopy of the report to lecturer office 1 (one) week after presentation.
5. Penalty for late submission: 5% deduction from total given marks.