suggest an innovative leisure tourism business that appeals to you develop the idea and give a 1 2 page outline of the business idea

Does it target children, adolescents or adults/seniors (how)? What kind of pleasure will your clients derive? Does it involve humor, relaxation, solitude & silence, ritual, commitment, risk, spirituality? Are there opportunities for flow, liminality or communitas? Does it contribute to physical, social, intellectual or emotional wellbeing? How are space and place integrated into the business? What are the environmental impacts? Is technology incorporated? Are elements of pop culture present? Are elements of taboo leisure or deviant recreation involved? Explore the business idea from 2 different theoretical perspectives mentioned in class and in readings. Each theory should be discussed in 1 – 2 pages. You may assume that the reader is familiar with the theories being discussed so you do not need to explain them in detail but rather get straight into explaining how your business relates to that theory and how the theory helps make the case that your business will meet cultural/societal needs and can be financially successful. The discussion should include additional research into the relevant theory that goes beyond the material covered in the textbook and in lectures.

Additional material should be referenced in text and in a separate reference list according to the APA style of referencing. Library databases as well as online searches for information should yield plenty of information for your assignment. If you are unfamiliar with APA referencing a guide can be found here

A list of theories that you can incorporate into your assignment follows: • Aristotle – Eudaimonia • Epicurianism • Hedonism • Huizinga – Homo Ludens and theories on play & culture • Caillois – Theory on play and types of games • Nicholas Carr – The Shallows: What the internet is doing to our brains • John Muir (writings on the spirituality of nature) • Stebbins – Serious Leisure • Czikentmihalyi – Flow • Mannell – Self as Entertainment • Apter – Reversal Theory • Mead – Symbolic Interactionism • Turner – Liminality & Communitas • Nic Marks – New Economics Foundation – Happy Planet Index • Kelly – Core plus balance • Piaget – Cognitive development in children • Mischel – Marshmallow test • Sahlins – Material wealth & leisure • Time-Space Compression/Distantiation (multiple authors e.g. Harvey, Giddens, Thrift) • Manning – Recreation and crowding • Smale – Distance Decay • Barlow, J.P. – Cyberhood vs Neighborhood • Rojek/Bryman/Postman – critiques of popular culture • Leisure and Deviance/Taboo Leisure (Anomie/Leisure boredom/Differential Association)