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Supporting Lectures:

  • Neighborhood Restoration
  • Class and Conflict
  • View of the Future
  • Integrating Theories

Considering how long ago thinkers such as Bentham, Becarria, and Sutherland constructed their theories, the realities of modern society might warrant a fresh look at their ideas. The final assignment will apply the theories from the course to a look toward the future of criminology.

Prepare a report in Microsoft Word that thoroughly addresses the points listed below. Be sure to incorporate the theories and terminology from the course where possible.

  • With terrorism demanding more resources from law enforcement, how can criminological theories influence the counter-terrorism effort?
  • How do sociological theories, such as focal concern, differential opportunity, and subculture theories, explain inner-city street crime?
  • Theorists have already updated certain older perspectives, and we have modern variants of social control and developmental theories. How can strain and differential association theories be brought up to date? Consider the impact of social media.
  • Earlier, you reviewed the “Weed and Seed” program. Is it possible for increased police focus on an area to have an unintended criminogenic effect? Explain how this might occur.
  • Last, consider the topics of sanctuary cities and legal marijuana. How is it possible to integrate the criminological theories of this course to meet these challenges?