takeover target selection and analysis

Stage 3

Stage 3: Takeover Target Selection and Analysis

You are expected to look at a potential takeover target for the company (within the industry or closely related to the industry), evaluate the takeover target and the price to be paid for the target using established valuation criteria. It is expected that you will discuss the selection of the criteria used and to comment on its relative value in the analysis.

The primary goal of the assignment is to utilize the concepts and formulas you have learned in your course of study and apply them to full effect in looking at this industry and its environment. It is expected that you will comment on the industry’s environment, as well as the business and financial risks that face the industry and the major competitors in that industry.

Your research should include a survey of business periodicals, industry data from established sources, analyst reports, news articles, and journals as appropriate. Your paper should be supported by spreadsheets, graphs, and tables. The Stage 3 Takeover Target Selection and Analysis is limited to 5 7 pages with a minimum of 3 to 4 references and no more than 3 attachments. (Use APA format which is Times Roman 12 pt. type font, double spaced, with cover page, content and reference page). For APA formatting assistance please see below for online tutorials Submit your completed work to the Final Project, Stage 3 Assignment Folder.