Instead of looking up into the sky for astronomy, you’re going to look a little closer to home. I want you to find ten products with a different astronomy-related word in the brand name itself. You could be looking at items where you live, in a grocery store, or car logos in a parking lot (hint hint) — anywhere and everywhere. The astronomy words must be unique; so if you use the word “mars” for a product, you cannot use it for another product.

For each product take a selfie with it. Please note that you don’t have to buy the product and you don’t need to touch or pick up the items, just have a picture of yourself near them. A selfie? Seriously? Yeah, I want to ensure that each student searches for their own products rather than sharing images. Also, the word has to be in the brand name; you cannot take a selfie with stars in the night sky and use that. If you do not feel safe going to a store try to find as many items as you can at home, and then use pictures from the web for the remaining items.
Write short paragraph telling me what the astronomical term is and giving me some background. Please do not copy and paste text from the web or a textbook; that is the definition of plagiarism and will earn you a zero. Instead, tell me about the definition in the words you would use to explain it to someone who has never taken this class.

If your explanation is factually incorrect, I might not give you full credit (like saying there is no gravity in space). Once you use an astronomical word, you can’t use it again, so please be sure to avoid duplicates. If you have two products with “star” in the name, you can only use the word “star” once.

What if you work with a friend on this, for example both of you going to the same store and using the same products for selfies? That is fine but you must write your own material to avoid plagiarism (which earns you a zero). Since I read all of these myself, it’s pretty clear who worked with whom. Please put in a good faith effort.

For example, what if you found a Mars bar and want to use it. How do you write this?

Here’s an example of a good summary:
Brand Name? Mars
What is the product? candy bar
What is the astronomy word? Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. It’s a terrestrial planet smaller than Earth. It used to have a lot of water but now it is a cold dry desert. It is the “red planet” because the dust has a lot of rust in it.
Here is an example of a bad summary:
Brand Name? Mars
What is the product? Mars bar
What is the astronomy word? Mars is another planet. It is red. It has thick clouds.
(… this means you cannot use Mars bars as one of your products, but you’d have some trouble anyway since it was sadly