term paper and infographic 1

Term paper must discuss how gender affects one’s experience in family life and beyond as discussed in the textbook and be:

-7 pages long, not including title page

-include the 7 specified topics in term prompt

-include 2 extra topics of your choosing

-include references STRICTLY from the book “Marriages and Families” by Nijole Benokraitis, 8th edition

– no outside sources besides the book, the information taught in class modules can also be used as references and will be provided if needed once hiring is done


  • 12 point, Times New Roman font
  • Double-spaced
  • 1” margins (top, bottom, left, right)

Infographic must be:

-created in Piktochart website

-include 12-15 most important statistics/research conclusion that relate to term paper

-again, references can only come from the textbook and the course modules – no outside resources.

You can view examples of what the infographic should look like in document that i send to you once hired