Texas Government

Texas Government

Course Project

Writing Analysis

1. Chose a main Texas policy topic from https://ballotpedia.org/Public_policy_in_Texas

Topics include fiscal policy, civil liberties, education, elections, energy and environment, healthcare, and immigration.

2. Each topics has a drop down of specific public policies. Select one however, be sure it is a TEXAS policy. Although it can have overlap with federal policy

3. Your project is to analyze the Texas public policy you chose. The elements of your analysis should include such things as the history of the policy, past and current legislation, what are current trends or problems. Be sure to include how the policy is funded and utilize supporting evidence from various groups/parties who are stakeholders in the policy.

4. Think critically, has the policy been successful related to why it was passed? Has it accomplished its goals? What are the obstacles and/or challenges?

5. See the requirements below

Analysis Requirements

Cover page: Includes Your name; GOVT 2306; CWID; Term (Fall 2019 etc.) ; Instructor

Times New Roman 12-point font

This must be in WORD or PDF format

Double spaced

Introduction paragraph briefly outlining what you are going to be analyzing.

Conclusion paragraph briefly reiterating what you analyzed and provided supporting evidence of.

Utilize proper in text parenthetical citations and a compiled work cited page using MLA, Chicago, or APA format style.

Page numbers

Minimum word count 1,200 words

Utilize a minimum of 6 legitimate sources: In general a thorough analysis/case study would have 8-10 sources.


– textbooks

– Center for Responsive Politics https://www.opensecrets.org/

– Vote Smart https://votesmart.org/

-Texans for public justice http://www.tpj.org/

– Library of Congress https://www.loc.gov/rr/main/alcove9/usgov/intgroups.html

-TAMUC library databases such as

Academic Search Complete




-Best websites include .edu/.org/.gov

Your sources must be legitimate and less than 10 years old

You may utilize graphs/charts/tables (But they are not part of word count, but do add analysis points- see grading rubric)

Your paper MUST utilize both in text parenthetical citations and have a compiled work cited page.