Texas Politics, history homework help

Answer the following reflection question from Chapter 7: Voting and Political Participation
for this module. Make sure you answer these in complete sentences!
Please be as detailed as possible with your answer. It is your job to
read your book and provide the details to fully answer the question. This answer must have a minimum of 250 words.

Research the recently passed Voter I.D. law in Texas. You must mention
the recent U.S Supreme Court Decision in July 2016 and what Texas is
doing about it. Tell me what the law in Texas requires and then
formulate a position for or against the measure. Tell me how you came
to your decision. Look for credible newspapers and sources for this.
Your best bet will be major newspapers such as the New York Times,
Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal. There are others, but make
sure it’s a credible and widely used source.